Know What Employers Want

( – Eternal question in candidate’s head is What are they looking for? You want best company to work for, where your job, that covers your financial needs is something that you love.

In competitive world of today, little bit of extra understanding and research can really help you prove to the employer, why you are different than others.

Other than great communicator and proactive person employers look into minimizing the churn. They try to work out if the person has long term potential to stick with the company. Candidates also want to see a good future within the company, so they are motivated and excited about their career path. In employers head it is better to have someone who is flexible, open minded and multidimensional. Person who can grow with the company.

Tip: Ask questions about how to grow in the company

Person who can work with others overlooking personal prejudices, working always in positive direction is favoured over others. Employer is looking for such example all the time. Being respectful, reliable and competent are other attributes they are looking for.

Tip: Show them how you have made compromises to further company’s agenda.

Employers want people who can prove that they will increase the organization’s revenues or decrease its costs.

Tip: Quantify the merits of your work in past and present it to your potential employer

Sell your resume better. Make sure your resume highlights your achievements at high level so that they are well understood by the wider audience like HR, and other Business units

Tip: You can ask people from different fields to review your bio data or CV, take their comments seriously. Get them to final review after you made amendments

Point out relevance. It’s easier for company to accept someone that requires less mentoring. Prove your relevance to the job through your CV and interview.

Tip: Keep quality references handy

Changing play field. Employers see changing roadmaps that brings about changes within organization. With fast evolving marketplace they need to change rapidly. At this juncture they would prefer a person who is creative, open minded and can take change as opposed to rigid and well settled person in their comfort zone.

Tip: Show and tell know how to tackle challenges and opportunities in a way no one will find in a textbook. Talk about how easy it is for you to transform

Love multitaskers. Fast changing environment leads to fast changing requirements. Even though some may find this hard to accept but multitaskers go long way. People who can timetable their tasks efficiently. Tip: Show them how you handle multiple tasks, and deliver on time. Don’t shy away from handling more even if you have to stay back to finish some work.

Proactiveness. Show that you take initiative, show them that you lead your most important tasks. Every business looks to put their most enthusiastic people forward with important clients and customers.

Tip: Your good mornings and your salutation with I mean it attitude will go far.

Team fit. Right match for the team is the dream requirement of an employer. All you can do is reduce their fears by showing that you are not prejudiced and a very open person.

Tip: Show examples of team work flexibility and initiative in helping someone when they were struggling in previous roles.

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